How it Should Be Performed

Permanent makeup is a procedure that uses cosmetic tattooing to enhance natural features, or to correct conditions such as hair loss. It can be used on the face, around the eyes, on the lips, and over scars. The process of applying permanent makeup begins with drawing an outline of your desired design onto your skin. Next, pigment is injected into the area under local anesthesia. As it heals, this color will fade gradually until it matches your skin tone perfectly!

The first thing you’ll need to do is find a reputable permanent makeup artist. Do your research, and ask around for recommendations. Once you’ve found someone you trust, schedule a consultation to discuss your goals and expectations. Be sure to explain exactly what you want, and be prepared to provide references of other work the artist has done.

The healing process will vary depending on the area being treated, but typically takes between two and four weeks. During this time, it’s important to avoid sun exposure and keep the treated area clean and dry. A small amount of crusting or scabbing is normal, but if anything seems excessive or causes discomfort, consult your doctor immediately!

Once healed, permanent makeup can anywhere from one to five years – although some colors fade faster than others. If you’d like to replace the pigment and refresh your look, a touch-up treatment can be performed in just an hour or two!

Permanent Makeup

Some of the most popular cosmetic tattoo procedures include:

Eyebrows – Enhance sparse brows with natural looking hair strokes that appear even darker than your own eyebrows! Lip Liner – With lip liner, lips will appear fuller and more defined. Eye Shadow – Apply shadow to eyelids for dramatic definition without any eye makeup required. Lips – Add fullness and depth to thinning lips using rich color pigments designed specifically for permanent cosmetics. Cheeks – Create an instant facelift by adding beautiful rosy coloration into cheeks and along temples and jaw line.

There are many benefits to getting permanent makeup done, including:

– No more smudging or running! Permanent makeup is perfect for athletes, busy moms, and anyone who wants to look their best all the time.

– Achieving a precise and consistent look every time – no more worrying about your eyeliner being crooked.

– Reduced need for touch-ups throughout the day.

– Increased self confidence and feelings of femininity.

– Safe for people with allergies to traditional cosmetics.