Asbestos Inspection In Old Buildings

Asbestos is a natural material that conducts heat poorly and cannot burn. That is why it was applied in the construction industry very much. However, asbestos is very harmful and if inhaled for a long time can cause serious lung diseases. That is why asbestos inspections are carried out today. See

Our company performs all types of asbestos inspections. Buildings that were built before 1980 used many building materials that contained asbestos. Therefore, if a building like this needs to be demolished, an asbestos inspection is mandatory. This inspection can last several days, depending on the size of the building.


Our company employs professional and trained people who know how to perform an asbestos inspection. Each of our employees knows exactly what to check and how to determine the amount of asbestos in question and how harmful and dangerous it can be to human health. Asbestos can be found in insulation materials, in floor tiles, in cork, in utility pipes.

During the demolition of the building, a huge amount of dust is created, which also contains asbestos dust. By inhaling this dust, many people can damage their health. Therefore, all parts containing asbestos are removed before the demolition of the building begins, so as not to endanger the health of many people.

All our inspectors have gone through the accreditation process to obtain a certificate, which enables them to carry out inspections. Each of our inspectors performs their work professionally and responsibly. They are aware that their professional work can prevent illness in many people, especially construction workers, because they are the most exposed to asbestos dust.

If you need to check whether there is asbestos in any construction material, one click on asbestos inspection is enough. We will check everything necessary and prevent asbestos contamination.